Nokian viallisista akuista kaaos Intiassa

Nokian BL-5C akuista löytynyt ylikuumenemisriski ja siitä johtuva akkujen korvaus uusilla toimivilla akuilla on aiheuttanut kaaosta Intiassa. Kyseessä saattaa olla suurin Intiassa koskaan tehty tuotteen takaisinkeräys.

"...Thousands of Nokia mobile phone owners rushed to the organisation's service centres across the country after the mobile phone giant had announced that it would replace all 46 million BL-5C batteries manufactured between December 2005 and November 2006...

...Most of the customers thought the procedure would be quick and convenient but they were in for a long wait. Impatient customers were clueless about the procedures, creating chaos outside the centres, "I am waiting two hours to replace this defective battery. There are not enough consultants to handle the customers. The least the company can do is give us correct information. Once the public is informed, there will be less chaos", said Shashi Dutt outside a Nokia Care Centre in Delhi.

This may be the largest product recall in India. Analysts say the recall could cost Nokia over 563 crore rupees. Nokia had made it clear to the customers that to get replacements, an online form has to be filled in, followed by a 10 day waiting period for processing the information before a replacement would be mailed to the customer."

Nokia Battery Replacement Choas in India

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